by Zena Rommett

Floor-Barre® Technique is for current and future generations of dancers, athletes, the injured, elderly, and everyone desiring the alignment, strengthening and health benefits of this gentle, yet highly effective Technique. The class is done on the floor with no props needed. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. floor-barre.org

Phylicia Rashad

“Zena’s Technique is all about alignment, correct muscle usage, and strengthening joints. When the body is in alignment everything a performer does is better. I have never been in a class before, ever, in which my mind and body become quiet.  When you are centered properly, everything becomes easy and correct. Your entire feeling about yourself changes and your mind gets clearer too. Everyone and anyone would benefit from Floor-Barre®. It is safe!”

 Judith Jamison
“I try to start my day with a chapter of the Bible and Floor-Barre®. As therapy I had to take Floor-Barre® from a marvelous woman, Zena Rommett. I relearned how to work correctly. Everything became aligned and adjusted. I regained a very correct way of moving. Zena got me back on my feet again. My injury was a blessing in disguise to find Zena. Dancers should come to her early in their training so they can learn to work correctly all the time.”

Dr. Richard Bachrach

“The Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® is a unique opportunity to modify those maladaptive problems which may be at the root of an injury”.